our service

traveling dogs tokyo provides completely customized VIP services for you.  OUR MISSION: MAKE PEOPLE’S LIVES WITH DOGS BETTER, HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER.

1. PET relocation Coordination

Move in/out Tokyo from abroad, you will require a TANS of documentation and you might be required to wait over 6 months to get it done.  "traveling dogs tokyo" will arrange all documentations working with veterinarians and tokyo custom on behalf of you.   
*Please note - because of our policy, we don't take any job requests from breeders or someone who purchase live animals from breeders or pet shops. 

2. initial process for starting up your dog life in tokyo

to start up your life with dog in tokyo, you will require leaning of procedure of keeping dogs in your house. your dogs love dog park? sure, there are lot of great dog parks in tokyo, most of all request you some registrations and some certifications.  "traveling dogs tokyo" will manage all initial registrations for you and assist you annual extension process.


A certified dog trainer with positive reinforcement private "positive and enjoyable" training for you and your pup.  We're Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, one of the most decent and authorized dog professional training academy in USA.  We teach effective force-free training in private course.  Our aim is to build a positive bonding with dogs and owners through positive reinforcement.  We see value in collaboration of training and behavior science practices and related issues. 

4. Vaccines, other medical support assistances

your dog need vaccination in coming month? you’d need interpretation support for taking your dogs to veterinarian offices? yes, will do. If you need a veterinarian at your home and translator, we’ll arrange for you.


going back to your country on summer vacation, holiday seasons etc, don't you want to bring your dogs with you?  we will arrange animal quarantine process and documentations for a short trip.  or do you hope to enjoy vacation in beautiful japan with furry family members?  unfortunately it is not too common to travel with dogs in japan as much as in other countries, but we arrange your hotels, cars and some activities of your vacation with dogs. 


do you prefer to feed 100% organic foods?  looking for local vegan dog food? "traveling dogs tokyo" will help you how to get premier dog food on your request basis.  if you look for any other dog accessories such as a premier leash, collar, clothes, wet suites, etc, we will find anything on your requests.  annual detailed health check or vaccinations arrangement will be also available.

7. any other?

if you need us for your dogs, tell us anything! let's see together how to make it happen!