Who we are

We love life with dogs and other beloved pets!  We also love traveling with them all over the world.  We like to support anyone who wants to try to make the lives with pets better and travel with them.


Pet Relocation Expert

traveling dogs tokyo is one of newest members of IPATA the international Pet and Animal Transportation Association – based in U.S.A.  IPATA are the foremost international pet transport association and we handle the live animals with care in compliance with IPATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR).  We all are animal lovers and owners for years and therefore we fully understand the needs of pet and its owner for pet relocation.


Completely Customized VIPS Service for You

Move in/out Tokyo from abroad, you will require various of documentations and you might be required to wait over 6 months to get it done.  We will arrange all documentations working with veterinarians and tokyo, quarantine office, custom on behalf of you.   


After Arrival in Japan

Start up your life with dog in tokyo, you will require leaning of procedure of keeping dogs in your house. your dogs love dog park? sure, there are lot of great dog parks in tokyo, most of all request you some registrations and some certifications.  "traveling dogs tokyo" will manage all initial registrations for you and assist you annual extension process.

Need Crate Training Assistance?  – Let it become familiar with the crate or kennel a few weeks or months before your planned departure. Purchase one in advance and get your animal used to being confined in it. We’ll support you!