31. August 2017
How to choose and get better dog food with better price in Tokyo?

28. June 2017
Rescued dog, Effie, Shih Tzu x Chihuahua mix 7 yrs girl is looking for home. 7歳のシーズーxチワワ女の子 里親を探しています。

20. May 2017
A Brief Guidance of what to do/how to do for registration of your dog as residence of Tokyo!

26. December 2016
“Papi”, rescued Norfolk Terrier girl from a puppy mill 5 weeks ago. Finally she had a meeting with a candidate family the other day.

16. December 2016
It has been a month since Papi has been rescued and come to my house.

28. November 2016
パピ、と仮の名前をつけたノーフォークテリアちゃんは毎日 たくさんご飯を食べ、よく眠り、運動しています。 2.8キロだった体重も、3.3キロを超え、毛並みも少しづつよくなってきました。 初めてのことにたくさん挑戦しています。 Papi, the Norfie is gaining her weight slowly. She eats well, sleep well and excursive well. Now her weight is approx 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs) and her fur is getting better. and she's...

24. November 2016
Meet "Papi" - Norfolk Terrier 6-7 year old girl is looking for forever home- I have rescued a Norfolk Terrier girl from a terrible puppy mill.