Start up life with dog in Tokyo! Initial Registrations

Settle down your dog family member in Tokyo

You may want to settle down your DOGGIES in Tokyo smoothly and successfully, so here we want to give you a brief guide for necessary “TO-DO” for your dogs. If you don't much time to do or unsure what to do, please contact us for assistances.

1. “Register your Dog" as residence

You are required to register a dog within 30 days from the date you become the owner. Registration is accepted at the municipal office in the ward.


You need:

  • From other country: Import Quarantine Certificate - If you would have moved over from other countries, you must have received the official document called as “Import Quarantine Certificate For Dog” issued by Animal Quarantine Service office at the airports. 
    If you get your dog in Japan: No required document. Fill in the form of registration.
  • 3,000 JPY as registration fee (one time only)

2. Get a “Rabies Injection Certificate Tag”

Also you can get the tag at your Ward office. Your dog is required to receive a rabies vaccination once a year between April 1 and June 30. If your new dog is 91 days old or older, you need to have your dog vaccinated within 30 days from the date you become the owner.

You need:

  • Import Quarantine Certificate OR Rabies Vaccination Certificate.  If your dog’s latest rabies is the one on the Import Quarantine Certificate, no need to show other rabies document.  If you have already updated rabies shot here in Japan, then you will be required to show the proof of rabies vaccination that your veterinarian has issued.
  • 550 JPY annual

*Note – if your dog has a shot at different timing from the period as above (April 1- June 30), still you don’t necessarily have to do it again.  You can get the rabies tag with your previous shot document. The tag will be effective for the year until next March.


Ward office information for Minato and Shibuya area:


Minato Ward office and branches


Shibuya Ward office and branches



1. Registration Microchip in Japan


Just in case your dog goes missing, if the dog’s microchip has been registered to the database of Japan Veterinary Medical Association, her/his microchip number will be shared with governmental/public animal shelters.  So that they can get know who is the owner.  To register the number, the process is as follows:


  • Request for a registration form by contacting JVMA, phone 03-3475-1601
  • Fill in a form and pay 1,000 JPY registration fee at banks, and attach the receipt on the registration form to send back to JVMA


2.   Enjoy Dog Park!


Some parks have great dog parks in there and you are required to register with free.  Then you will get ID pass with your dog’s name on it to enter the dog parks. You need to update your pass annually.


You need:

a.    Dog registration tag

b.    Effective Rabies Injection Certificate Tag

c.    Register at the management office in the park


Dog Park:

Yoyogi Park - Shibuya

Komazawa Olympic Park - Setagaya


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