How to get better Dog food in Tokyo?

How to get better dog food with better price in Tokyo? 


Are you concerned about your dog food?  Millions brands in the world, tans of key words; organic, grain free, high protein, human grade ingredients…etc etc.   In these days, their prices are shockingly high sometime, it’s almost same as human’s food cost or even more.  Especially in your expats life in Tokyo, far from your countries, things get more complicated what and where to buy.  What will be the best way to choose products, some concerns for ages, allergies, digestinc issues… So many opinions from veterinary field, and their thoughts here might be different from ones in your counties...



STEP 1: How to choose a product:

"Use helpful websites!"


If you’re coming from US, you might have heard about WDJ - The WholeDog Journal. They are known as authority in judges of best and secured dog good in the US.  And they have the food list that they approve every year.  They declare that they take a standpoint of neutrality since they haven’t been sponsored by any dog food makers or brands. If you subscribe, you can read whole articles with details, you may want to check it out. 
- WDJ - The WholeDog Journal


Or, simply here is the one found on the internet - 2016 approved by WDJ food list


Îf you originally came from Europe, you might have been more familiar with foods in there.  All about Dog Food website might be helpful to evaluate candidates of dog foods that you’re thinking about. They study each ingredient in each product and evaluate by points.  You can search product name and get result of their opinions.

- All about dog food uk

Once you pick up some candidate foods for your pups, then...


STEP 2: How to get good food with better price in Tokyo?


 "Go online! That’s the best!"


In Japan, there are tans of pet shop chain provide various dog foods.  But some of them are also selling live animals in their stores, which traveling dogs tokyo doesn’t support enthusiastically.  Besides, most of them are not selling good quality foods with competible prices very much. High quality dog foods are sold with proper prices. Best way would be getting them online such as amazon, rakuten, or other online shopping sites.  Usually they give you better prices and you can enjoy good quality of home delivery service of Japan.


Do you know "WAKEARI"? 


BESIDS, If you’re lucky enough, you could find huge discount sale products with expiring date soon, which is found usually in “WAKEARI 訳あり category.  The products themselves have no issue and still within use dates.  If you can manage your dog’s food calendar well, you can leverage that too. 


- Amazon Japan

- Rakuten


......OR Simply asking for help to us, traveling dogs tokyo :) 


    We will listen all your wishes, concerns, priorities, medical history, friend’s suggestions, somebody’s opinions etc etc...and we will come back to you with list of options, suggested products or recopies.  Will show some options of products and how to buy in cheapest ways locally by yourself.  If you’re already our regular or relocation customers, it’s completely free to discuss over the phone and make some reports. If you want us to get for you, it’s possible. Just talk to us!


You need further assistance?  Concat us today! 

Have good ones for your precious buddies! 


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    Kai Chang (Sunday, 02 February 2020 21:58)

    I'm looking for quality dog food with minimal to no plastic at an affordable price. Do you know of anything?