Rescued pup - Effie 保護犬エフィです!

Rescued pup - Effie looking for home!  保護犬 エフィ, 里親募集中です!

Shih Tzu & Chihuahua Mix Effie 7 yrs old girl

Rescued in May and sent to me in June to stay with us, volunteer fostering family.  She is just so lovable... too cute to resit if she asks you for cuddling.  Her previous owner has got so sick and very sad but the former owner needed to look for someone takes care of Effie.  She was rescued in Osaka, and has been sent to my home.  If anyone should be interested in giving her full of love and forever home, please send me message. 

- No barking at all
- Friendly to everyone, dogs even to cats! 


シーズーx チワワ ミックス 7歳の女の子です





- 2.28キロ
- 誰にでも友好的です、ワンちゃんにも猫ちゃんにも! 

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