Norfolk Terrier Girl

Norfie Looking for home ノーフォーク里親募集です

ノーフォークテリア 6-7才 女の子 里親さんを探しています。


- 終生家族として彼女を家族として幸せにしてくださる
- 屋内飼育、必要な医療措置(病気予防、治療、フィラリア予防、各種ワクチン接種等)やトレーニングを与えてくださる
- 飼育環境を確認させてくださる
- ノーフォークテリアを飼育されている、もしくはされたことがある、もしくはノーフォークテリアの気質を理解してくださる
- これまでの医療費(避妊手術含む)をお支払いできる

Meet "Papi" - Norfolk Terrier 6-7 year old girl is looking for forever home- I have rescued a Norfolk Terrier girl from a terrible puppy mill. An animal rescue group was trying to rescue her, but at that time their vehicle was full since they needed to prioritize other urgent care needed animals. She is all skin and bone, weighted only 2.8kg (6 pounds). Usually Norfolk Terrier should be 5~7 kg under normal circumstance. Since she had been kept for her entire life in a small terrible cage, she doesn’t have muscle at all. Ears are terrible and lumped, as well as eyes and teeth. Now she has got shampooed, frontline, and examined and treated at an animal hospital. Eating high calorie puppy foods, walking and sleeping warm well. Luckily enough, she had no filaria disease nor other obvious serious illness. When she will increase her weight at least 3 kg, she will get further inspection, sterilization procedure and dental treatment.  Contact us if you'd give new eternal home to her.  Adoption condition as follows: 

- Lifelong commitment
- Indoor kept, Provide neccesary medical care (the prevention and treatment of disease, vaccination for Filaria, DHLPP) and training
- Environment check 
- Experience with Norfolk Terrier or understand the breed
- Payment the medical fee so far including

sterilization procedure

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